Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kisses from Heaven

    For some odd reason, mankind seems to always struggle with identity.  Who are we? What are we born for, and why ARE we here anyway??  I too have these lapses of understanding at time and it just so happens I was facing just one of these moments while on a neighborhood walk.  I was trying just so darn hard to figure out all the who, what and why's to all of life's circumstances.  You know, when you are in one of life's transitions, you wonder just what will the outcome be?

It's like watching a really good movie or reading a great book.  When your favorite character is hanging for their life off the edge of a cliff; about to marry the wrong person, or just missed that flight that was to take them to the job of their dreams, you think, maybe I can just skip to the end.  You know; to make sure everything works out okay...that's if you like happy endings; which I totally do.  But, somehow you resist (most of the time) because half the "fun" of a good story is in the ending.  

That's where I was; wondering and thinking.  Not feeling like I should be; like I knew who I really was.  That's when I began to look down and started to see all the wild spring violets in the lawns where I was walking.  Nice, I thought. I'll pick a bouquet along the way.  As I was stooping down to pick, I realized I was walking on violets...lots of violets.  

It seemed wrong somehow, to be walking on the very things you were picking.  After all, they must have value if they were worth the picking, right?  Then it hit me between the eyes.  I was 'WALKING on violets!"  That's when I realized how valuable and unique I was!  If God had made  absolutely beautiful wildflowers for me to walk on; I must be pretty amazing!  

I love those God moments.  It's a quick kiss from heaven.  He loves me (and YOU) so much that  He gives us flowers to walk on.  I'd say that's a pretty amazing God.

So walk on those wildflowers and walk in the reality of your royalty in Him...


  1. Awesome!! Sounds like a song to me...."I'm walking' on violets, Oh!"